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Brainspotting Certification

Bonnie is a Brainspotting consultant and can lead you through the certification process. 

"Certification now means the pursuit of higher excellence in BSP beyond Phase 1 & 2. But it should also mean the beginning of ongoing future pursuit of learning and development. There are no guarantees in therapy or in life. But the best we can provide for our clients is the commitment to ongoing study and the pursuit of excellence in our abilities as healers," Dr. David Grand, developer of Brainspotting.

  • Brainspotting is all about relationships.

  • Consider sharing about my consultation service, introductory events, and training with friends and colleagues who can benefit.

  • Every time someone mentions your name as the referral source when they register for consultation or personal Brainspotting package, you will receive a $25 credit. (No limit)

Product Recommendations

This item makes an excellent, portable, pointer. You can order it here:

These are the headphones I recommend. You can order them here:

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parts work.png

Book recommendation for Parts Work:


Parts work cards (can be used as brainspots).

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