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Running Coach

Bonnie has been a Certified Adult Distance Running Coach with the Road Runners Club of America since 2015. She ran her first marathon at the age 17 only to quit and return to running at the age of 45. She has successfully completed 45 half marathons; 14 full marathons; 8 50Ks; 1 40-mile ultramarathon and 1 50-mile ultramarathon. She taught running clinics at Second Sole Toledo with Empowered 2 Run. She currently resides in Chicago.



Brainspotting can be a powerful tool for athletes, especially in addressing mental blocks and performance anxiety. This can contribute to improved performance in running and other sports. Bonnie's integration of brainspotting into her coaching helps runners navigate mental barriers and achieve their full potential on the track or trail.

Testimonial: Hey Bonnie! I just want to say you've done an AWESOME job at becoming the fit, beautiful, inspiring and motivational woman God had planned for you to be! When you showed me your pic, I was pretty much shocked. The nights at the running clinic during your presentation, I've admired not only your passion for running and mindfulness, but your physique as well. Now instead of "I wish I..." I will focus on "I can, I will, I am!" Knowing you worked so hard to get to where you are is so much more inspiring than hearing from someone who just naturally "has it all".-Kristi, Toledo

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