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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) "Tapping"?

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Closeup of comforting hands

My daughter’s baby 7-month-old was crying uncontrollably, and I suspected it was because my daughter was upset. I showed her what Bonnie had taught me on tapping and she did it for a few rounds. She calmed down and picked up the baby who calmed right down.”


Jennifer D., Chicago

When I got stressed out at work the other day, I remembered that you told me that tapping was good for stress. So, I started tapping and it worked.”


Jonathan H, Bolingbrook, IL 

“I taught tapping to my wife and daughter so they could sleep. It really works.”


Jose, Chicago

“My husband and I were up until 3 am because we were so scared of court the next day. Then I remembered about tapping and how Bonnie said it’s helpful for sleep. We tried it and finally went to sleep.”


Candace, Chicago.

“I can’t do without tapping. It really helps with my osteoarthritis pain.”


Rosemary J, Chicago

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